dobrado SWAT0 #indieweb

It's nearly a year since I started adding indieweb features to dobrado, and I've now implemented enough to play all 3 roles in SWAT0. It takes a fair bit of development to do that, and I've been lucky enough to have time to implement it over the last year. A shout out to acegiak, a compatriot who was the first person to get all the required pieces implemented.

I think those of us in the indieweb community don't often get past the technical aspects of what we're working on, to share with others how much fun it can be to use decentralized social networking tools, so I created a short demo video of SWAT0 using dobrado. I acknowledge it's not the most 'social' video (me talking to myself...) but it does show that using these tools doesn't have to be any more difficult than the same actions on a siloed social network.

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