SimplePie 1.4

I've just released version 1.4 of the feed reading library, SimplePie. It's the first official release in 3 and a half years, so includes a large number of bug fixes.

It also includes a number of new features, such as the ability to pass options through to curl, and support for a new caching back ends.

My favorite new feature however is support for new types of feeds as described by the IndieWebCamp community. These feeds are made up of h-feed and h-entry microformats, which allows the feed to be parsed from the html rather than a separate xml file. SimplePie will now detect when it finds such a feed and parse them when it finds the php-mf2 parser available. (This just means including php-mf2 wherever you include SimplePie.)

There aren't too many feed reading libraries capable of parsing traditional feeds, as well the new microformats based html feeds that are being explored. If you're interested in building yourself a reader that can do both SimplePie 1.4 is worth a look.
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