There was something else I wanted to mention in my post the other day, but left it out because it was getting a bit long. The first screenshot contains the unexplained piece of text: "To follow indieweb add a reader" followed by a settings link. (Here it is again...)

I added this because it's an easy way to add a rel=feed to the page. It's a separate module in Dobrado that allows setting some values for the account. One of the options allows specifying what feeds you want to make discoverable, so in this case I have it set to indieweb/directory which is the microformats feed list for all the feeds shown on that page.

The module renders that link, marked up with rel=feed, along with the logo and account name as an h-card for the account. The other thing it does is provide a webaction, which is why rather than just being a link it mentions adding a reader. Clicking the settings link opens a dialog that lets you specify your web action config. If the dialog finds a valid config it will trigger an update to any indie-action tags it finds on the page. There just happens to be one in the module I've just mentioned, so it will now looks like this:

The link "follow indieweb" is now using my config! It's pointing at my own reader with a follow action set, so if I click on that link all I have to do is click ok in my reader to add the feed. As it turns out I'm already following the indieweb directory on, and my webaction config has checked this too!

One of the options set in my config is status and it happens to work a little differently from the other actions. This config option supports CORS requests, and will provide information about urls when I'm logged in. The request is made during the config check mentioned above, so the page actually looks like this for me:

The status endpoint supports multiple urls at a time, so it gets called for all indie-action tags on a page, and returns information for other actions too such as likes, replies and reposts. When it finds an action set for a url, that action will also be highlighted on the page.
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