Changing my reading habits

By Malcolm Blaney on
It's been over a month since I added channels to my reader, but I didn't use them initially. I've added some new features though which have changed my reading habits completely!

What I really wanted was to split silo feeds into different channels based on author. Without this I would mostly be viewing the silos channel since that gets such a large number of posts. To do that, I've added hovercards to authors so I can set their channel while reading. You can see from the screenshot that @letsencrypt has been added to the tech channel, instead of it's default in the silos channel for the rest of the twitter feed.

I've gone through my silo authors and added them to tech, news or friends and this simple breakdown has been great so far. The other thing I've added is unread status, it doesn't have to show a count to highlight that there are unread items, which is configurable per channel. I like that it's quite simple, when you change channels the unread count resets, it doesn't save unread status per item.

Now that the underlying structure is in place the next step is to finish adding Microsub support.

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