Hacking on the IndieWeb

Finally found some time recently to work on projects I started at IndieWeb Summit 2018 in Portland. I say projects (plural) because I did just keep starting stuff based on different talks or chats that were going on... possibly not the best way to develop new features!

But anyone doing a deep dive on the "IndieWeb Stack" is going to notice that there's a huge number of features or protocols they might want to add or support, so where to start? I think wherever inspiration or enthusiasm hits is probably a good idea, so for me that was adding IndieAuth support to win a copy of Aaron's book, OAuth 2.0 Simplified. I also hacked in support for Microsub to my website, because you know, when you're talking about protocols anyway you might as well try and support those protocols.

That brings me to hacking on the IndieWeb. I already had a bunch of code in place, because there are already external services for adding things like IndieAuth support. The cool thing about hacking on new features is that you can swap out one thing at a time. This means even though the list of things you might want to add to your website is quite daunting, you can do this piece by piece.

So I switched over to my home grown authorization endpoint during the summit, and even though it was pretty clunky, never switched back. Having your own endpoint means no more RelMeAuth lookups, so it saves a few seconds when logging in to other sites. But since I was nowhere near finished my projects after the summit, this meant I was still using Aaron's token endpoint. And it's great that this still just works! A few months have gone by and I've now added my own token endpoint to Dobrado, but I'm very thankful to Aaron for providing services to use while we find the time to write our own.

I've now also got better Microsub support, so if you've got an account on unicyclic.com you can log in to other readers like Monocle and see your feed there. Again it's not finished but it's nice to see progress as you complete smaller tasks (like h-app support):


I've also cleaned up my own reader interface. There's just too many other nice looking IndieWeb readers these days, so need to try and keep up with how good things are getting! ;-)


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