Hi Aaron, nice to read from another Australian looking into the IndieWeb. :-)

You're right that the concepts used in the IndieWeb haven't yet solidified into something that less technical users can grasp. I guess that's what makes it fun for more technical people to play with, and yet is a frustration for those just looking for something that works.

To try and answer your questions: brid.gy publishes posts from your site to silos such as Facebook and Twitter. You're right that this is a one to one mapping from your site to one account on each silo, though you can publish to both silos at the same time in one post. brid.gy will also listen for replies on those silo accounts and send them back to your site as webmentions.

The differences between Known, Micro.blog and Wordpress is going to be a long list :-) but I'm guessing you mean from the perspective of a new user learning about the IndieWeb? I don't use any of them, but Wordpress looks like it has the easiest set up process for installing IndieWeb modules. Known has more IndieWeb functionality built into it's core, but I think getting it set up in the first place might take more work than Wordpress. Micro.blog is quite different from the other two, it's IndieWeb friendly but only provides a hosted service.
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