unicyclic.com now supports fat pings

I just finished adding support for WebSub fat pings to dobrado, so unicyclic.com now uses them too :-)

I've also submitted implementation reports for all three pieces of the WebSub puzzle (hub, publish & subscribe) because as an integrated reading and writing system, dobrado uses the whole lot. I waited until after I had fat pings supported because that is now a mandatory part of the spec. Thin pings were definitely easier to implement, so this does raise the bar a little for potential hub implementers.

There's still a fair bit I haven't implemented, but I think the rest is optional... lack of content authentication might be an issue as I don't do anything with hub.secret. oh well maybe later.

While making these changes I thought a bit about what partial feeds might look like in microformats. If you wanted to pass lots of messages around using WebSub fat pings (like maybe a chat log), you wouldn't necessarily want to share the full page each time. To send a partial feed as the payload, we could dynamically change the scope of the h-feed to only wrap newer h-entry's. My feed parser looks for an h-feed first, so it would only use the new entries for the payload. The older entries could remain on the page and visually wouldn't look any different.
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