Added IndieAuth and Micropub to my reader

By Malcolm Blaney on
I use my reader on every day, I'm really not sure if I could live without it... and combined with Ryan's amazing services, and, it's feels like a silo-quit while still following everyone I want to.

I realised the other day that it wouldn't take too much effort to share my reader with others, without people needing to create an account on Micropub allows people to publish on their own domain, and IndieAuth allows them to log in here and use the reader.

One without the other would not be very useful in this case, so I jumped in and implemented both together. You can now go to the home page and enter your web address, and if all goes well you will be logged in! You need to have a micropub endpoint to write or reply to items in your feed, but you can still use the reader without it.

You can still also use web actions if you don't have micropub set up. These links direct you back to your own site to perform the action. There is also a status web action, which I use in conjunction with my reader. So if your site supports it too, then you can log in here and your reader items can show actions you've previously taken! Here's a screenshot of that because I think that's pretty cool:

Happy reading! And please let me know if you have any feedback or problems logging in.
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