feed discovery #indieweb

A couple of days ago I set up an indieweb planet, which subscribes to all the feeds I could find from domains that have been registered for IRC at indiewebcamp.com.

Not all home pages displayed users feeds though, which meant looking at how I was doing feed discovery. Another issue I've been thinking about is preferencing microformats on a page over any linked to RSS versions. I realised I can solve that at the same time by just returning all discovered feeds and let the user decide what they want to subscribe to:

Of course if there's only one feed found, it can be subscribed to automatically. (Thanks Kartik Prabhu for the demo!)
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Nice UI. Might I suggest 1. Using the “title” attribute (or the inner text) to provide a useful title for the feed instead of just the URL. 2. Using the “type” attribute to show what kind of feed it is.
Thanks for the feedback Kartik, both good ideas.
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