web actions and indie-config

I've just got web actions working for my posts, which is another step in the indie mark list! This step took me a bit longer than the previous ones because it helps to also support indie-config when implementing web actions. You can see the result on this page, please try clicking the settings link at the bottom of the post and follow the steps. I would love any feedback!

I wanted to avoid "wrapping" existing web action buttons and links, like those used for Twitter and Facebook. This is the most common method used to add web actions at the moment, as it provides a fallback option for those who don't have a web action handler. The downside is that those who do have a web action handler have to click on a silo link to trigger the redirect to their own site.

After trying a few different ideas, I'm pretty happy to have kept the silo options available, but only for those that select them. Otherwise the page will load the correct url's using indie-config. I'm using local storage to remember the user's preferences, so once the web actions are set there's no need to retrieve the config every time the page loads.
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