The father of RSS, Dave Winer is looking to start a distributed discussion about where RSS should be heading.

I'm really keen to integrate RSS further into my still very young blogging software. In the spirit of his post, I won't even offer any suggestions, just confirmation that I think some of his ideas are worth implementing. My favourite enabling idea of his is storing an endpoint to share url's to. He uses it on his link blog to share links on your own blog, but I think the same idea could be used for one click RSS subscriptions.

I also think embracing title-less posts is a good idea and hopefully catches on in a post-Google Reader world. (I will leave a title off this post to show my support...) In a world of status updates, a title could often be overkill.

The other posts linked to in the above post mention sequence id's on RSS items, I've had a go at implementing this by serving feeds dynamically. That lets me pass in the start and end positions in the feed as part of the query string.
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